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Welcome to Daniela's Chocolates

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On the hunt for a special treat, maybe a special gift? At Daniela’s let your senses take the lead. The shop is small but full of charm and chocolates made by Chocolatier’s here and throughout Europe.

In the fall and winter, stop in for a cup of hot chocolate. Made like they do in the Italian Alps; rich, creamy and flavorful. Gelato will grab your senses during the summer months when Daniela scoops her homemade recipes from Italy.

When planning events or buying gifts, let Daniela help make it extra special. She is known for that extra touch that makes the gift just right. Gifts are shipped throughout the United States, so contact Daniela to discuss your event or gift needs.

Enjoy your time browsing, and if not too far away stop in for a visit, too!  Signature


Chocolates & More


This is a small sampling of the delicious chocolates and confections available at Daniela's. Please check back often for updates.

Call, 651-464-4696 to place your order today. Indicate product name and quantity. Gift wrapping available.


Scroll through each photo for information and pricing.

All prices subject to change without notice.


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scoopLick the heat this summer with Daniela’s delicious all-natural gelato!scoops

Gelato's distinctively different from traditional ice cream. Gelato's lower in fat content (1-8%) where US Standards require a minimum of 10% fat content for ice cream. Gelato's denser and more flavorful than traditional ice cream and lastly, Daniela uses all natural ingredients in her gelato recipes. Satisfy your cravings by stopping by the shop in the summertime or ordering your favorite flavors for your parties and special events.

All prices subject to change without notice.


Special Events

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Daniela provides that special touch to any occasion.
From her made-to-order, home-made gelato to a wide assortment of chocolates and confections. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings–Daniela will see to it that your event is a memorable one.

About Daniela

Since the Fall of 2004, Daniela's shop has been a destination for delectable delights made by fine chocolatiers from Europe and the United States. A specialty of Daniela’s, is her Fantasia Chocolate Box which includes a large selection of mouthwatering sweets and treats.

With her vast experience in retail sales and management, it was Daniela’s time to bring Cioccolato to Forest Lake and Twin Cities area. Her special touch in retailing, her European connections, along with her award winning customer service, made for fast acceptance in the community where Daniela’s Cioccolato continues to flourish.italy

Other specialties at Daniela’s are seasonal. Stopping in the summertime you'll enjoy her gelato (ice cream) made from family recipes handed down through generations. Stopping in the wintertime, enjoy hot chocolate from the Italian Alps. Doesn’t matter which one you choose, they're creamy and dreamy!

Contact Daniela

Contact me today for further information, or to place an order.

Daniela's Chocolates
145 Lake Street South, Forest Lake, MN 55025
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